Cruising in Halong Bay: Part II

After our amazing bike ride on Cat Ba Island, it was off to another set of small islands, in Ho Ba Ham, where we could swim up to a beautiful beach, go kayaking and jump off of the roof of the boat into the water. We were provided a delicious 5 course lunch with very traditional Vietnamese dishes, and there was also a full bar on the boat, at your convenience, if you felt like indulging with a mango lassi or something a little stronger.

The next morning I rallied before the daily tai chi class to check out the sunrise. A few other early birds joined me on the roof deck to catch the sun peaking over the landscape. Apparently, it is usually quite hazy in the mornings, so it is often hard to get a good shot, but after messing around with my camera settings for a while I captured some really pretty images.

Once the sun was up and I got a cup of tea (or four) and some croissants in me, it was off to another island for our final excursion before we headed back to shore. A small tender boat dropped us off at the beach and we climbed to the top of the mountain, well more like hill, to soak in the last few moments in Halong Bay.

After rinsing off in the bay, we got back on the junk boat where we were slowly brought back to the mainland. I really loved my stay in Halong Bay and I would recommend booking with Heritage Cruise Lines. They took amazing care of me and everyone else on board and made it an experience I won’t soon be forgetting.

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