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There are bad days, and then there are ​really​ bad days. The ones where I find myself curled up on the floor of the shower in the middle of the night just waiting for a nearby pharmacy to be open, so I can get antibiotics to treat one of my four UTIs that year certainly qualifies as a ​really bad day. Sometimes those days get even worse — and it’s usually because I’m traveling while this is all happening. Imagine being in a country where you don’t speak the language, your pharmacist has no authority to call in a prescription, and you can barely stand up straight, let alone start knocking down doors in hopes of getting the medication you need to treat this common, but often taboo, condition. Long story short, UTIs while traveling suck.

When I first approached ​ellura​ about collaborating, I wondered, “Why is it so easy to chat about having a UTI with your group of girlfriends, but the minute I contemplate sharing my story to my followers I start to clam up?”  



According to the ​National Center for Biotechnology Information​, UTIs account for nearly 25% of all bacterial infections in women, and 50–60% of women will experience a UTI in their lifetime. Let that sink in for a minute. Empowered with these statistics, it’s no mystery why we can find 15+ different products in the local pharmacy to treat the symptoms of a UTI, but where is there a product outside of low-dose antibiotics that doesn’t have (for a lack of a better description) crappy long-term side effects for us and helps to prevent these from happening in the first place?

I asked myself this question… and then my physician… and then a urologist. For those who don’t know, UTIs can be caused by a myriad of circumstances. For example, staying in a wet bathing suit too long, wearing spandex (yes, really), some forms of contraception, using a tampon, immobility for a long period of time, and most commonly, being intimate. Doesn’t really sound like there’s much hope for us avoiding them, does it? Fortunately, for me, by the time I was asking my urologist this question, I was finally met with a solution. A supplement that I could take every day, or just in the instances when I think I would need it: ellura. For me, long flights and tropical vacations where I’m in and out of the water are both killers. Up until finding ellura, I had gotten used to traveling with an arsenal of medications to help in any circumstance, but now, I can just take this supplement and know that I am preventing another ​really bad day.

ellura also has a really convenient on-demand dosing: ellura Intimate, same formula, but comes in a smaller package and you can take it if you’re prone to UTIs around specific moments. (Intimate moments being the #1 reason: about 80% of women who get a UTI have had sex within the prior 24 hours).

You can learn more here about how ellura Intimate works. As cited on their website, ellura Intimate contains 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) – the active ingredient found in pure cranberry juice concentrate (different from the cranberry supplements you find in stores) and shown to attach to UTI-causing bacteria so the bacteria doesn’t attach to your bladder and cause an infection.

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Now, it’s a relief to know that when I’m traveling, I’m in control, and not at the mercy of a nuisance that so many women are afraid to talk about. Our symptoms are so often minimized, but for those of you who have had the unpleasant experience of a UTI, you know the writhing pain and anger that comes along with this all too typical condition. After reading this blog post, I know some of you can relate to my story, and have probably had similar experiences. I want to be conscious of the fact that there is not one solution for everyone, but I am grateful that this is an option that I discovered that worked for me. If you’re reading this post nodding your head, and saying ​“Yassss girl, I feel you,” out loud, it might be time to start looking at another solution. I implore to do your research, talk to your doctor, and ask about ellura. It could be your new favorite travel buddy.  

New customers receive $15 off a box/bottle of ellura. Just enter my code: REGAN at or click here to apply to the cart.

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