Let’s Make Boston a Safer Place to Drive

This post was sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are my own.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 37,000 people died in traffic collisions in 2018. As someone who used to work in public safety, I have seen first-hand how devastating a deadly car accident can be, and all of the lives it subsequently affects. The clean-up does not end on the road, and while we can’t control the actions of everyone behind the wheel, we can encourage awareness for those who want to make our roads a safer place. 

In partnership with the team at Allstate, I recently learned that a primary artery into Boston, Route 93, was named one of the country’s 15 “Risky Roads.”

What does this mean? Allstate studied its collision claim counts for streets ranked in the bottom 15 on the America’s Best Drivers Report® to determine which “Risky Roads” have more crashes than others in those cities. Boston, as a city, ranked #198 out of 200 cities evaluated. For many people in Massachusetts, this may come as no surprise. Jokes about our driving are not lost on us ;). But, there are things that you can do to make Boston a safer city to drive, and it starts with your habits behind the wheel. Preventable human factors, like drunk, distracted and drowsy driving, speeding and failure to use safety features, contribute to 94% of crashes. Staying diligent on the road is your only option. 


On a larger scale, Allstate is working to combat this problem by putting their money where their mouth is and lending a helping hand by offering $150,000 in grants to be used for roadway safety improvements on these  “Risky Roads.” As a resident for now 11 years, I can’t stress the importance of continuing to advocate for safer roads from your local representatives and officials. Now, more than ever, we can use our voices (on and off social media) to continue to put pressure on those who are meant to be advocating for us regarding the issues that matter most. Pick up the phone. Tag them in a Tweet. Or, even stop by their office. No effort is too big or small. 

A big thank you to the team at Allstate for bringing this information to my attention. As a travel influencer and former uniformed public servant, I am incredibly passionate about holding our public officials accountable, as well as our friends and family, to make travel a safe and enjoyable experience. Every life on the road is previous, and I encourage you to even take one small step in being a better driver on the road, and maybe even poke your local rep to consider doing the same. 

This post was written as part of the Allstate Influencer Program and sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are mine. As the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer, Allstate is dedicated not only to protecting what matters most–but to guiding people to live the Good Life, every day

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