Jeans to Wear When You’re Flying

The concept of wearing jeans at the airport seemed crazy to me when I was kid. What were all of these people doing wearing anything but sweatpants when they had to be sitting down on a tiny plane for hours on end?! But, as I’ve gotten older, jeans, or trousers, have been a necessity, as I’m often traveling straight to a meeting, luncheon, or event. In my professional career, I’ve been lucky enough to build and fine-tune my own “uniform”; I often joke with my team that you can likely find me in a tee, blazer/jacket, denim, and boots. After hunting down several photos of me at the airport, I’m not wrong!

There is a misconception that all jeans are uncomfortable, but after trying on hundreds of pairs of jeans, I have found some pairs that are the first things I reach for now when I’m getting ready for travel; not only because they’re versatile, and something I would want to wear throughout my trip, but also because, yes, they are comfy! Recently, I stopped by my local denim haven, Injeanius, to try on current styles and select my favorites for you. I’m listing below the top things I look for when buying jeans that are built for a journey.

Denim: AGolde (from Injeanius), Turtleneck: ModCloth, Blazer: rag + bone, Luggage: Tuplus

When it comes to denim, I’m usually looking for a few key factors:

Stretch is important for obvious reasons: they don’t lose their shape when you’re seated for hours, and are comfortable no matter what position you find yourself sitting in.

Versatility is important because every article you travel with should have purpose. A pair of denim that can take you from the office to happy hour is a big win in my book.

Comfortable closures! This is where you can get hung up. A button fly, or zipper that hits a little too high on your waist is a surefire way to regret your decision to reach for denim on your next flight. Focus on small top buttons, shorter zippers, and even closures that are positioned to one side or the other.

Lastly (this is more of a nice to have) are unique details. Below, you can see I’ve included coated denim, prints, fresh shapes, and even an ankle zipper detail. While standard skinny jean are appealing – and I think every gal should have a pair in her wardrobe – you don’t have to select the most boring pair in your closet for your flight. Mixing it up will help elevate your look and stand out even in a crowd as big as one that you would find at your local airport.

1: 7FAM (sale), 2: Paige, 3: Blank, 4: Joe’s x WeWoreWhat, 5: Mother Denim (sale),
6: J Brand, 7: Black Orchid (sale), 8: Madewell

Some standout brands for travel in particular are Black Orchid, which I discovered thanks to Injeanius, Joe’s – especially for us curvy gals, and 7 for All Mankind. I have discovered a few other styles by different brands, but generally, these are the ones I reach for most. I hope this post inspires you to keep your sweatpants in your checked luggage, and reach for a pair of jeans instead. Who knows, you may be someone else’s airport style inspiration on your next trip!

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