Pit Stop: Santa Barbara

Instead of going straight to Tokyo from Boston, I decided to give myself a five day layover in L.A. with my friend Malcolm, who I haven’t seen in seven years! First stop, In-N-Out Burger. Double-Double with a chocolate milkshake and fries please. Oh, sweet calories! Next, we cruised down to the Harbor View Inn in Santa Barbara. The drive was long, but picturesque. It was definitely a reminder that I’m not a fan of L.A. traffic! Because I was suffering from massive amounts of jet lag, we only managed to take a quick stroll down the Santa Barbara pier and grab fro-yo at YogurtLand. Cactus fruit tart flavored yogurt was borderline life-changing.

Cruising down Cabrillo Boulevard
Gotta love Malcolm’s Carrera shades
View from one of the balconies in our suite at the Harbor View Inn

Sunset from the Santa Barbara pier
Yeah that’s right, it’s a sneaker night

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to starting my day off with a run down the beach, exploring State St. and finishing the night with some delicious local wine! Any ideas of things that I absolutely have to see while I’m in SB? Let me know! xoxo

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