Sunrise City

Last night I decided to leave the shades open in hopes of the sunrise waking me up. Unfortunately, the sun was no match for my jet lag, but good news is, Malcolm was there to wake me up! We headed across the street from out hotel, to Stern’s Wharf, and walked the foot path while reading the paper. I managed to capture some great shots with the sun peaking over the horizon. We munched on some yummy breakfast at this quaint little place right next to our hotel and then hopped in the car for a few more early morning views.

First, we headed to Santa Barbara City College stadium. At the top of the stairs you get some of the best views! Considering running stairs here tomorrow morning… Then we headed to the County Courthouse where we climbed up to the top of the tower and took in the scenery.

Get the look: Pants: Sanctuary // Shirt: H&M // Shoes: TOMS // Sunglasses: Fendi // Necklaces: Vintage

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