Czech Mate

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In an effort to pull together all of my travels, I figured I would dig into the archives to a trip I took before I started venture travelist. Hashtag throwback? While combing through the chronicles of my adventures, I stumbled upon a group of photos featuring one of my favorite cities in Europe, Prague, and I just knew I had to post them!

The City of A Thousand Spires is one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The Prague Castle, Lennon Wall, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock, and Charles Bridge are just a handful of sites that you absolutely must see. The city is perfect for walking, well, in flats. (The cobblestone can make heels a little cumbersome.) On top of the mind-blowing architecture and historical sites, Prague is filled with tasty restaurants featuring comfort food, friendly locals, and beer galore. Does it really get much better than that?

Below are a few of my favorite shots that I found. I’m a bit nostalgic looking through them, but it just means I’m going to have to go back. ❤


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