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Finally made it to New York City! After two whirlwind weddings in seven days, I’ve managed to settle in and catch my breath in the Big Apple, but only for a minute! Work has been super busy. Luckily, I’m getting to have a little fun while I’m at it, too!

Lately, it’s been hot, hot, hot, so I’ve been trying to keep things light and airy when it comes to outfits; especially because I’m running aroud the city all day for work. Skirts have been my best friends since arriving in the city, and I honestly think they’re the easiest piece to work into any wardrobe.

Instead of pairing my skirt and crop top with the usual sandals, I decided to mix it up and wear these super cute gray booties I just picked up from Topshop. Closed toe shoes make the outfit a little less Coachella and a little more office friendly, and they’re great to wear if you want to transition your outfit from day to night.

Often time I hear my friends say they’re worried wearing ankle boots with a midi skirt will make their legs look short. But, au contraire, my friend! As long as the boots have a heel, they will do your stems wonders and lengthen your frame.

Looking forward to posting more from my NYC adventures. Stay tuned! ❤

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